Published on
21st April, 2020

DataVita offers a helping hand with digital support packages for Scottish businesses.

DataVita has launched initiatives to support companies across Scotland, enabling them to continue with critical IT digital transformation projects.

DataVita has launched a series of initiatives to support organisations across Scotland, enabling them to continue with critical IT and digital transformation projects despite the challenges caused by Covid-19.

During this period of uncertainty, the multi-cloud and data centre service provider is offering customers up to six months deferred payments, which includes setup, re-location and migration costs, as well as providing an enhanced level of support.

DataVita said it was introducing the initiatives proactively to support customers during these unprecedented times, with the outbreak of Covid-19 forcing the vast majority of organisations to work remotely, placing an even greater demand on IT services.

Danny Quinn, managing director of DataVita, said: “Businesses across the country have seldom been more reliant on the IT infrastructure that underpins their critical services, helping users to continue to work remotely. It is more important than ever that these services are as resilient as they can be, which for many companies will mean a need to invest at a time of restricted cashflow.

“It is a challenging time for everyone, but we believe minimising IT concerns as far as possible is one small step that will help many organisations navigate their way through the current crisis. That’s why we’re introducing initiatives that will help businesses set aside short-term financial constraints, allowing them to augment their IT service to meet new demands.  We also understand that a lot of IT teams are under pressure, with an increase in workload and smaller teams working from home. Our enhanced support gives immediate access to a skilled pool of resources which will free up valuable IT personnel and provide additional visibility, 24/7.”